Brown's Chicken and Pasta Restaurant

Mass Murder of 7 Employees (Palatine, IL)


Estate of Robert Wone v. Joseph Price (et al.)

Wrongful Death / (Washington, D.C.)


Estate of Salvatore Culosi v. Fairfax County 

Wrongful Death (Arlington, VA)


Estate of Jeff Weekley v. Walton County Sheriff's Office

Wrongful Death / (Walton County, Florida)


Hitchcock v. Marion County Sheriff's Office

Wrongful Death / (Marion County, FL)


State of Ohio v. Bobby Lee Cutts, Jr. 

Double Murder / (Canton, OH)


State of Ohio v. Anthony Sowell 

Serial Murder of 11 victims / (Cleveland, Ohio)


State of Ohio v. Wilson Santiago 

Murder of Police Officer / (Cleveland, OH)


United States v. Airman Calvin E. Hill 

Murder / (Keflavik, Iceland) / Air Force


United States v. SGT Alberto Martinez 

Double Murder / (Tikrit, Iraq) / Army


United States v. ITC Rodney Williams 

Murder / (Norfolk, VA) / Navy


United States v. SPC Beyshee O. Velez

Murder / (Camp Liberty, Iraq) / Army


United States v. SGT John Russell 

Mass Murder / (Camp Liberty, Iraq) / Army


United States v. MSGT Timothy B. Hennis

Triple Murder / (Ft. Bragg, NC) / Army


United States v. SGT Brent A. Burke 

Double Murder / (Ft. Campbell, KY) / Army


United States v. QMSR Nyal McGee

Attempted Rape / (Yokosuka, Japan) / Navy


United States v. SGT Vince F. Jahalal

Sodomy / (Germany) / Army


United States v. SPC Franklin Dunn 

Murder / (Afghanistan) / Army


United States v. PVT Andrew Holmes 

Murder / (Afghanistan) / Army


State of Texas v. Gene P. Vela

Aggravated Assault / Police Officer / (Austin, TX)


State of Texas v. Cleve Foster 

Murder / (SCOTUS Death Penalty Appeal)


State of West Virginia v. Ennis Charles Payne

Homicide / (Clarksburg, WV)


The People of Israel v. Timer Ben Yerek DaulBiev 

Murder / (Israel)




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