Gary A. Rini is an internationally recognized independent Crime Scene Consultant and Certified Force Science Analyst who provides a critical case review and evaluation of violent cimes and homicide cases which includes: forensic evidence evaluation; critical events analysis and physical evidence correlation; shooting scene reconstruction; crime scene evidence evaluation; bloodstain pattern analysis; crime scene reconstruction; crime scene performance audits, police use of force investigations, police shooting investigations, wrongful death investigations and expert witness testimony, in addition to providing trial exhibits and animations, for both prosecution and defense attorneys in criminal cases and plaintiff and defense attorneys in civil cases, as well as providing those services to Government and Trial Defense Service Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officers in UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice) cases.


     Mr. Rini began his professional career in 1975, serving in small, mid-size and large police agencies.  During the course of his career, Mr. Rini served as Patrol Officer, SWAT Team Member, Police Agent, Crime Scene Investigator, Crime Laboratory Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Forensic Services Manager, Peer Support Counselor, Assistant Tactical Firearms Instructor, Major Case Task Force Member and Commander of Criminal Investigations. 


     He received his graduate education in the forensic sciences from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and received advanced specialized forensic science training from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, Smithsonian Institution, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Saint Louis University Medical School, University of New Mexico Medical School, Case-Western Reserve University’s Law-Medicine Center, Northwestern University’s Public Safety Institute, Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science, the Institute of Police Technology and Management and other nationally recognized professional organizations.


    Mr. Rini has designed and taught variety of college-level forensic investigation courses, as well as forensic science training courses for judges, attorneys, law enforcement officers, nursing and allied health specialists, first responders and other forensic science professionals. 


He is a member of a number of forensic science professional organizations, including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the International Association for Identification, the Rocky Mountain Division of the International Association for Identification, the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, the International Homicide Investigator’s Association, the International Association for Property and Evidence, the Police Executive Research Forum, the International Association of Chiefs of Police and other professional organizations, where he has held leadership positions as Board Member, Vice-President, President, Chairman-of-the-Board, Training Conference Chairman and Regional Representative for a number of those organizations.


  Mr. Rini served on the National Institute of Justice’s Technical Working Group that established the national Guidelines for Crime Scene Investigators, and has been bestowed the designation of Visiting Professor of Law by the Francisco Marroquin University School of Law, Guatemala City, Guatemala.  He is a Vietnam-era Veteran of the United States Air Force and Ohio Air National Guard, where he served as an Emergency Room (Trauma) Medical Corpsman at the Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and at Rickenbacker Air Force Base, Ohio.  He is a graduate of Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command (S.P.S.C.). He is also an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a Certified Force Science Analyst.



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